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Web Maintenance

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Website maintenance is the process of keeping the website error-free and up to date. You could also look at it as the process of checking sites to keep them updated, customer-friendly, and protected from harm. It can be updating content, adding images, adding links, updating software, and so much more.

SAATCHI web solutions & web development offers a complete array of Website Maintenance Services support 24/7. We are always right there to keep your website up to date and look always fresh. We have the latest technologies at hand and are well versed in ensuring that the website maintains its relevance information and is continuously improving. Our professional website maintenance and support team will make all changes, additions, and other modifications to your site in a quick and efficient manner.

Most companies have some sort of web-based solution which often is crucial for its day to day functioning. Hence, a dedicated website maintenance team to maintain the application is a given. But, companies cannot be bothered with hiring and maintaining a special in-house team for this purpose. Also, the cost in terms of resources and space becomes limiting. Outsourcing the job to our maintenance team for a fraction of the cost will make better sense.

We undertake all kinds of website maintenance and technical support work. Among the many applications and websites that we've helped maintain, Our website maintenance services are offered under an annual contract payable monthly, at extremely affordable rates. The website maintenance contracts allow companies to take care of their most website support requirements at low cost instead of paying third party companies high amounts for any sudden changes required.

Web Maintenance
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Why Website Maintenance is Important for your Business?

Website maintenance service of your website is a vital part in making your business successful. The goal of the site is to keep visitors returning, and make sure your website achieves its prime goals and objectives, and the product information is accurate, it is important that you maintain it well and keep it up to date and in sync with current trends. So no matter what is your business into, you need continuing web maintenance services to make sure that you are getting the highest return on web site investment and will your visitors keep coming back.

Creating a website is one thing. But maintaining it is another. Once your site is online, it will inevitably need to be updated to keep your website looking fresh. It is not enough to design and develop a website and place it on the World Wide Web”.


Maintenance Importance
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Website Maintenance Services

We Offer Different Type of Website Maintenance Services


We offer professional website maintenance packages that are tailor-made to meet the exact requirements of your website for both immediate and future needs. We have been involved and worked on a number of website design maintenance projects that demanded more than just maintaining existing websites and applications but rather on enhancing existing applications, adding new content, search engine optimization, bug fixing and constant technical support.

We offer our clients different types of maintenance contracts depending on the frequency of the maintenance work. Our website maintenance plan is a carefully drafted agreement to mutually benefit both the parties and ensures that the website maintenance services that we will offer are uncompromising in terms of quality and commitment to technology. We ensure that there is no room for hidden charges or surprise billing.

Outstanding Web Maintenance Services Include:

1. Periodically Web Maintenance

2. Update Website Content (Arabic & English)

3. Website Quality Check - To make sure your website have any broken links/ dead links, designing and programming errors; testing contact forms and other interactive rudiments significant for your business.

4. Update Website Content - To make sure that your visitors are constantly updated with the most recent information of your business.

5. Website Monitoring Performance - To make sure that all images, links, and files are still on your website, and that the website is always accessible by visitors.

6. Adding / Updating the Web Links - To make sure that proper images are uploaded and new content pages are added with links to them if deemed necessary.

7. Image Editing (if required) - Graphic designing, Image editing, Gif animation, Banner designing, Banner updating, Flash animation and more…

8. Constant Testing of the site functionality and accessibility

9. Product Updates - If your website has e-Commerce - shopping carts, then the products can be added, removed, or edited

10. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing Basic Services - To make sure your website is submitted and visible to visitors on Search Engines

11. Business News Updates - Keep your visitors updated of past and upcoming news

12. Regular Website Backup - Whenever we make some changes in website, we keep the backup immediately, because website site backup is as important part of Website Maintenance Service. Website backup may be handled in three ways 1. Script backup 2. Database backup 3. Files backup

13. Secure and protect your site - Server side programming used for form processing, database management, search and display functions, shopping carts etc require regular updating to implement fixes for security holes discovered from time to time.

14. Adding / Removing / Updating New Products
15. Adding / Removing / Updating New Categories 
17. HOST Monitoring Performance 
16. DNS Monitoring Performance
18. Payment Gateway Monitoring
19. Search Engine Optimization (Keywords) for Products and Pages 
20. Business News Updates
21. Regular Server Backup
22. Regular Website Backup
23. Regular Store / Products Backup
24. Regular Orders Backup
25. Monitoring the DNS & HOST Security
26. Applying Discount Coupons for marketing (if required) 
27. Contacting the Third Party (HOST-DNS) – if required
28. Contacting the Third Party Payment Gateways – if required


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