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    Augusta for Oriental Perfumes, Hairmist, Spray, Bukhour, Incense, Oud and Musk, a Kuwaiti registered trademark. We seek to build a Kuwaiti international brand in the field of perfumes, hairmist, spray, bukhour, oud and musk. We are founded on the principle of quality and selecting the best natural agarwood trees. We import oud and musk from several countries, directly from sources and forests. We aspire to spread the culture of natural oud and incense, away from the pure commercial practice that does not give this natural wealth its right.


    • Platform Design: UX/UI design
    • Theme: Custom Design UX
    • Business Logo Creation
    • Products Design 
    • Products Photography
    • Front End Code: Java Script, .Net, CSS, PHP
    • Back End Code: Java, .Net, CSS, Database, PHP
    • 4 Types of Database 
    • API: Payment Link
    • Payment Gateway
    • API: Store Link
    • Image Graphics: Adobe Family Suite
    • Video Animation: Adobe Family Suite
    • Image Security
    • Page Security
    • Full Admin Dashboard Control
    • Full Admin Store Control
    • Store Analysis Reports
    • 9 Notifications
    • Complete Orders Control
    • 9 Invoices
    • Live Messaging
    • API Social Share
    • Currency Converter
    • Web Security: SSL 
    • Domain Free
    • Host Free
    • Bilingual : Arabic & English
  • For Inquiry:

    For any further inquiry, don't hesitate to contact us direct on whatsup +9659005 1216

    or, you can email us on

    or, you can Order Free Quote


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