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Machine Learning as a part of AI

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are interconnected, however, they are not synonyms. Let’s define both terms and find out the difference.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an intelligent machine that can accomplish various specific tasks in a human-like manner, easily adapting to different situations. Think artificial intelligence as an algorithm, not as an artificial body which is used to make a machine more and more smarter. Most of the industries are now using advanced machines for increasing their productivity and speed. Big IT giants such as Google have already started using AI for devising new machines.

Machine Learning (ML) is a branch of Artificial Intelligence, an approach on which every AI is based. It allows software applications to adapt by learning from user’s habits and preferences. A machine learning program interacts with a user and makes a better understanding of the user. Most of the machine learning systems currently are programmed to find the best results they reject the junk and provide limited results but that’s not much help. At the end, web designing requires a lot of tedious work, with artificial intelligence businesses can save time and focus on important aspects. Web will take several years to become intelligent but here we get a glimpse of our amazing future today.

Reasons for AI Implementation In Web Development

  • Faster Search

Customers want to reach information as soon as possible.

  • Better Interaction

Chatbots are a new trend that significantly improves the communication with customers.

  • Customized User Experience

You can create a website with AI and understand the customer’s requirements better.

  • Personalized Store Experience

If you want to engage more customers and make their shopping experience more personalized, the implementation of AI solution to your online shop is a must. It will help make the customer feel as if everything in your online store was created exactly for him. It will create a real shopping atmosphere and motivate to make a purchase.

  • Effective Marketing Strategy

AI technologies allow doing marketing predictions on what is in demand.

  • SEO and Analysis

Any website builder that uses AI is only as good as its ability to be optimized.

  • What are bots or chatbots and how they use artificial intelligence?

A bot is a code which is used to perform a particular task, you must hear about chatbot, it will be interesting for you to know that it is the most common application of AI. Most of the websites provide chat for user interaction where a AI bot chat with a human following a pre-programmed script.​

  • The Rise of Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) Systems

The growing field of artificial design intelligence (ADI) systems has influenced a major shift in the way websites are designed today. In a traditional environment, the user interface design process is often overwhelming since you require a great deal of creativity to keep it unique.

  • AI for Improving UX

AI now commands several key aspects of web design and holds a deciding role in UX. With AI’s latest interventions in web design, designers are able to transform their online front into a more meaningful and rich experience for the customer.


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Dr. Seyed Mohsen Saatchi
Dr. Seyed Mohsen Saatchi
Oct 12, 2022

Great 🤖

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