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POS System


Turn your website or smartphone or tablet into a powerful POS. Manage sales, inventory and employees with ease; engage customers and increase your revenue. Whether you have single or multiple stores, our tools help run your business.

"SAATCHI integrates all your online orders (delivery, click and collect, table apps)

to your existing point-of-sale"

More than 22

Years of experience in the field

"We have to know-how you need"

Our expert team uses cutting edge technologies to integrate your orders to POS System 

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POS Features

Suitable For All Types of Businesses

SAATCHI’s solutions are tailored to meet all your managerial requirement depending on your business needs.  SAATCHI is an all-inclusive POS and business management solution tailored to adapt to all your needs and goals. Manage all business operations from orders to inventory in one platform. 

All The Features You Need To Run Your Restaurant

  • Simple & Easy Set Up

  • Payments

  • Multiple Payment Methods

  • Inventory Management

  • Real-Time Reporting & BI

  • Sales Analytics

  • Stock Tracking

  • Employee Management

  • CRM and customer loyalty

  • Multiple Store Management

  • Integrate unlimited delivery platforms

  • Supplier Management, and Purchasing 

  • Promotion, Discount
  • Coupons

  • Third Party Integration

  • Table Management

  • Order Splitting

  • Menu & stock management tools

  • Reporting dashboard

  • Cloud-based Solution

  • Onboarding and customer support

Point of sale

Transform your smartphone or tablet into an easy to use POS

  • Issue printed or electronic receipts

  • Apply discounts and issue refunds

  • Keep recording sales even when offline

  • Connect a receipt printer, barcode scanner, and cash drawer

  • Connect Loyverse Customer Display app

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Point of Sale
POS Payments


Seamlessly accept any method of payment your customers want

  • Integrated payments save time, ensure better accuracy and minimize errors.

  • Use your preferred merchant service provider for non-integrated payments

Inventory management

Never run out of stock

  • Track stock levels in real time

  • Receive automatic low stock alerts

  • Send orders to suppliers and track stock receipts

  • Transfer stock between your stores

  • Print barcode labels

Inventory Management
Sale Analtyics

Sales analytics

Access your reports from a smartphone, tablet or computer anytime, anywhere

  • View revenue, average sale and profit

  • Track sales trends and react to changes promptly

  • Determine best-selling items and categories

  • View complete sales history

  • Export sales data to the spreadsheets

Employee management

Easily manage your staff and make balanced decisions

  • Track sales by employee and determine best performers

  • Employees clock in and out and their total work hours are calculated automatically

  • Grant different levels of access to protect sensitive information

Employee Management

CRM and customer loyalty

Turn once-in-a-while shoppers into regulars

  • Build your customer base

  • View customer purchase history to provide personalized service

  • Run loyalty program to reward customers for their recurring purchases

  • Keep notes on valuable customer preferences

CRM an Customer Loyalty

Multi-store management

Grow your business from one to hundreds of stores

  • Compare performance of your stores

  • Manage items, employees and customers across multiple locations with a single account

Multi-store Management


Connect third-party apps to keep your business running smoothly

  • Sync with accounting, ecommerce, inventory management, marketing and other apps

  • Using our API to develop custom integrations


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