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Mobile App Development

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Mobile App Development


Connect with us for dynamic and interactive mobile applications

" Designing and developing Mobile Applications for (IOS and Android)  that brings your ideas to life  "


We are able to design and develop  mobile applications  which are customizable to fit your business needs. 

More than 22

Years of experience in the field

"We have to know-how you need"

Our expert team uses cutting edge technologies to build Mobile Applications for your business, that are stunning, robust and scalable.  

Do you want to develop mobile application for your business ? , or your government site? 

SAATCHI, has complete and innovative solutions that distinguished us and earned us the trust of our customers, on top of which is the quality of our work and the accuracy of its implementation. 

Delivering flawless app across the globe in diversity embracing all industries & process. Our Team of skilled developers who have unique brains and knowledge in developing mobile applications. The applications developed by our app builders have generated an extensive download rate on top app stores in the market. The developers have adopted many creative ideas and business plans required by clients in the application. Providing custom app development for all businesses as per the individual’s requirement through our team. The application developed by SAATCHI offers an enhanced ecosystem and a great solution that can deliver a flowless impact for the users. SAATCHI has executed many major app development projects which have allowed it to be ranked in the list of best app development companies in Kuwait, GCCs and Canada.

Mobile Services


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Optimal Audience Coverage


We assure the most optimal coverage of all target audiences by delivering across all the popular mobile platforms along with all the mobile-enabled technologies.

Unmatched App Designs


We got the industry’s experts with the skills required to create the exceptional mobile App experience you are looking for either a “quiet” design or a “wow effect” user interface.

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Faster Delivery


We apply the value delivery practices for rapid functionality delivery and accelerated product launch while securing the quality and performance of the Mobile App.

Quality Assurance

The skilled team thoroughly tests all the features of Mobile APP before they are deployed to the public as they aren’t satisfied until the highest level of quality is attained.

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Web Design

iPhone App Development

SAATCHI is proud to have iOS techies who make out all bolts and nuts of app development which run spotlessly on devices. The requirements of the iOS application for the clients are integrated into the developed application. The iOS application developed by us are known to have generated a great ROI and download rates.

We are also a reknowned coders in iPad app development. The Programmers are completely dedicated to offer long-lasting app development services for iOS devices. Our iPad and iPhone app development are thouroughly tested and to ensure its goodperformnace. Our app development has also allowed us to win many prestigious awards.

  • iPhone App Development

  • Swift App Development

  • iPad App Development

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iPhone App Dev.
Android Apps

Android Apps Development

From discovery to monetisation, we care for overall application to run on smartphones with an ease. SAATCHI offers a higher range of Android apps by providing the best application development service. The Android apps developed by SAATCHI have made a mark in the play store which allowed the clients to generate high ROI from the application. We have successfully contributed to the field of blockchain development, security, entertainment, etc.

  • Android App Development

  • Android Transport App Development

  • Android Game Development

  • Android Location App development

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Technical Speciality
Keyboard and Mouse



Cross Platform App Development

Hybrid Native App Development

Proficient hybrid mobile app developers create Hybrid Native Apps combining the characteristics of Native & Web-based Apps, which is a cost-efficient way to provide compatibility on different platforms.

Drive a ride of transformation around the mob with more than one platform accessibility. We have helped many start-up brands to set their foot in the online world with the help of our hybrid app. The hybrid applications that we develop can easily be supported on devices running on different platform. We can help you develop code on various platforms in less time and cost.

The Programmer at SAATCHI uses tools and frameworks such as Xamarin for cross-platform app development. The Xamarin based hybrid applications are coded in C# language. The applications developed on the Xamarin framework can be compiled on iOS, Windows, Android, etc. We are focused on developing applications that not only fits the standard of the client but is also qualitative for the end-users.


What Makes A React Native Hybrid App Your Most Preferred Choice?

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Easier Maintenance

Another benefit of react native hybrid app is , its simple maintenance because, in native apps, the development teams need to come up with a new version of the app with each update. However, hybrid app development makes maintenance as simple as updating a web page.


Enhanced UI/UX

Hybrid Apps offer a consistent and flawless user experience across Android & iOS platforms. Moreover, the lightweight hybrid app UI helps in loading the content and graphics quickly, and the apps offer faster data display and seamless data streaming.

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Low Cost Apps

It has reduced development costs because it enables the targeting of multiple platforms by using a single code base for various platforms. That means, it allows the development teams to fasten the development process, which significantly reduces the cost of development.

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Faster Development

The hybrid apps are easier and faster than a native app to develop because the development team requires the knowledge of JavaScript and HTML solely. And once the coding part is done, then a hybrid application is ready to run on both the operating systems i.e. iOS and Android.

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High-Speed Performance


n hybrid apps, there is no question of speed. Therefore, when we make a comparison of react-native hybrid apps with other mobile apps development options, then these apps are quite faster than mobile web apps or responsive websites.


Integration with Other Apps

Native apps find it difficult to get integrated with other apps because it runs on the same OS always. However, hybrid apps have more power to integrate with other apps seamlessly, and it is a great advantage to the hybrid mobile app developers.

Hybrid Native App
Phonegap App
Man Trying App

Phonegap Application Development

The Phonegap applications are in a great demand as it is a great framework for hybrid apps. We have a skilled team developers who code in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc. We employ an agile development approach which helps us to get a detailed view on the complete project. We create a single robust codebase for an application which can function on multiple codebase. We also develop and maintain the application to avoid any future errors or bugs that can occur during any updates.

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IOT App Development

IOT - Internet Of Things, The IOT is considered as the future of technology that has attracted many brands and businesses. SAATCHI technology has a team of talented developers who have developed applications for IOT technologies. There are a great number of tools that we use for IOT app development which can successfully connect across a great magnitude of platforms. We use an agile development process that will ensure the smooth running of the application on all platforms.

IoT application development gets you to grasp investments, operate efficiency levels and enhance high-operative performance to empower invention.

  • Generate IoT Revenue Streams

  • Explore IoT Analytics Capabilities

  • Improved Asset Utilization

  • Cost Savings

  • Improved Productivity

  • Efficient IoT Processes

Artificial Intelligence



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Machine Learning

AI-Artificial Intelligence

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